Random thoughts of a writer.

A child’s ‘why’ question.

Question – Were all people in South Africa once not South Africans?
Answer – No, they were put in areas & called something else.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – When did it change?
Answer – When the rest of the world got cross with South Africa.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What changed?
Answer – Oh, a whole lot of things they called sanctions.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What happened then?
Answer – We had elections & everyone became part of a Rainbow Nation.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, because a Rainbow is bright & colourful & beautiful & tells the world what a wonderful country we are.
Question – And do all the colours now play with each other?
Answer – Well, not really.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at this point in time, it does not seem like a good idea.
Question – Why?

Now this could be considered my version of The Never Ending Story?

Finding and Enjoying Inner Peace?

Once, ever so often, I manage to sleep for 4 hours or longer. Normally, it is an hour here or two hours there. Last night was such an occasion & I must admit, when it happens, I revel in it, for I know it will be followed a bad episode.
So while this feeling of euphoria & freshness abounds with much happiness, I will try and seek out the source.
The Internet says “Inner peace (or peace of mind or inner calmness) refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress”
Well I never!

Marilyn Briant-Rockmore (on blog tinybuddha.com) says – “Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it.” Unkown. She further investigates what Inner Peace means to her. Interesting.
The huffingtonpost.com and Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is a relationship expert, grief counselor and the author of six self-help books, discusses the matter even further.
Do we constantly attend to the “gloom and doom” voices in our heads, bombarded by each day’s supply from the media?

I know, as a sample of one, that the reports about the state of things in South Africa troubles me. The world bayed for the end of that practice of Apartheid & now I wonder if the Freedom so hard fought for, has brought the just rewards to the Rainbow Nation, for which they so richly deserve?
Equally so, I think about what if that Trump chap becomes President, do the good people of America really want his finger near that red button!
Perhaps it was paying more attention to ‘Me Time’? Normally I find it a pleasure or even an honour to help others. But not yesterday.
Planning for a proposed trip back to South Africa left me feeling excited with the prospect of seeing first hand, what has transpired in that wonderful country. Whether a few weeks would do the investigation any justice is quite another matter.
Goal setting & planning can bring their own set of pitfalls?

September does seem a long way away, but hopefully there will be a few more Inner Peace moments along the way?

Setting your goals higher is fun.

Alternative title? Forget about writing that Hemingway novel, write for The New Yorker instead!

Let us get this straight, right from the beginning. Setting one’s life goals higher is not always advisable for various reasons, but for now just accept it is probably because you cannot cut it!

Now do not get all indignant about it. The really clever people have already worked this one out and have some fancy statistics to back it up with.

How did this sudden change of heart come about? It was quite simple.

Here I was as usual, banging away at the keyboard in the small hours of the morning across the pond, in one of those great Counties of this here United Kingdom. Things creative were not going well at all. My supposedly lead character in my mystery novel had decided to up the ante and got himself killed! And I was not happy about it. Well, would you be?

This is how I came to this momentous decision. Are you still paying attention?

My having realised that I had just shot myself in the foot by allowing my lead character to get himself killed, forced me to take a break from the keyboard and scan through my motivational flashcards. Well, that did not work a damn, so I went in search of some elixir of life. In my case, it was some previously made juice suggested by Joe Cross from down under.
If you get a chance, read what Joe says. His ‘Reboot with Joe’ could change your life.

Back from my trip to the fridge, my brain cells vibrating in harmony, I set about consulting with my main man resource, Mr Google! If you not use to this chap, then I suggest you take it slow and easy. He can be rather addictive at times.
I was soon scanning through some wonderful advice from some amazing scribes. They are a rum bunch and if truth be told, I am rather jealous of most of them.

Before I knew it, I had hit the motherlode. There it was, in an article published by www.thewritelife.com.Where to Submit Short Stories: 25 Magazines and Websites That Want Your Work”
And who do you think you should try first? The New Yorker.
My initial reaction was similar to what that famous tennis player once said. “You cannot be serious”!
I mean let’s come down to earth and ask the question, what bad stuff are you smoking?

Allow me to refresh your memory. The title of this diatribe is “Setting your goals higher is fun” Right? Right.
So what goal could possibly be higher, other than the goal posts set up on the moon by some gridiron enthusiast? Go Jets!
Here one will find some of the most dynamic writers of our time, covering a wide range of topics. What more could a person ask for, other than those magical cartoons, of course?

So, there you are. If you are reading this in The New Yorker, then you will know that “Setting your goals higher is fun” and it could work for you? If not, c’est la vie.

I now Love / Hate Writing.

It is now just gone four months since I started this blog.
I use to love writing, now I hate it!
From reading hundreds of “How to” articles, I trimmed the list down to half a dozen and have ended up with my writing, which I once loved doing more than standing on a street corner & watching the girls go by, to not writing at all & feeling as if I am in a deep pit of despair.

My love for reading is causing this split. Or is it the lack of time management on my part? It has also been  a cause for concern with my gardening hobby.
When I started the Grow Your Own venture some years ago, the first year brought untold confusion.
One experienced gardener advised I should grow vegetables this way while another said “Oh no, do it this way”!

This is what has crept into my writing or the lack of writing. I am spending more time reading about “how to” and less time writing.
I am not happy.

Perhaps it is time for Providence to take a guiding hand? Sorry you wonderful sources of writing advice, but you are now being allocated your own time slot & that’s it! No more whiling away they day reading about how to become more creative, or how best to edit my first draft, or whether my writing should be plot or character driven.

It is time for me to be good to my writing for the writing to be good for me.