Lord Mayor of London’s dinner dates.

Key media events

Each year in November, The Lord Mayor of London has a banquet, normally after the LM of L’s Show.
This is the last of 16 events during the year.


Although there is no doubt about the importance of such events, the pomp & ceremony that promote London to the world, I could not pause to think about all the children in the UK, that go to school hungry each and every day?

So, how much do you you think that these functions cost?
Well, I had the temerity to ask this very question of the Administrator and Project Co-ordinator at Mansion House.
The answer – “These events are funded privately, so I am afraid we are not able to give you any information”.

So, there we go. A bang up meal for all those in their glad rags with even the PM giving a speech on behalf of the government, about her plan for how Britain can lead in the transformed modern world.


Let’s hope that after this transformation, there are a few extra pennies for the UK children?

Still very confusing?

In the run up to the EU referendum, we heard some interesting facts, figures & assumptions from both the Remain & the Brexit groups.
Both were sure of their case & assured doubters that hell & damnation would follow, if one voted one way or the other.
Both were adamant that, in their opinion, their ideas were for the future of the country & that of the children & even the children’s children.

Well, we all know the outcome (no pun intended) and here we are.
It appears the ‘oldies’ voted out while the young’uns voted in.
Post referendum comments appear to say the oldies are satisfied while the young’uns are totally P’d off!

Go figure?

The country as a whole are saying now let’s get on with it, while even those citizens that emigrated to other countries are saying it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread.
Locally some are saying let’s approach the changes in a slow thoughtful way. Perhaps they should have done that before voting?
Of course, Jean-Claude baby has thrown his lollipop out the window. At first he said there would be no further negotiations, but now says let’s get these exit negotiations over with as quickly as possible. He says this is going to be a ‘messy divorce’?

Go figure?

And finally (is there ever going to be some finality?), there is this Article 50 thing.
I don’t remember anyone mentioning it during the run up, but maybe I was not listening properly? Did you?
Oh, one more thing. Some are calling for another Bank Holiday & that it should be named Independence Day.
After some 16 odd years of being here, I still haven’t quite got the hang of the British sense of humour.

Random thoughts of a writer.

A child’s ‘why’ question.

Question – Were all people in South Africa once not South Africans?
Answer – No, they were put in areas & called something else.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – When did it change?
Answer – When the rest of the world got cross with South Africa.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What changed?
Answer – Oh, a whole lot of things they called sanctions.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What happened then?
Answer – We had elections & everyone became part of a Rainbow Nation.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, because a Rainbow is bright & colourful & beautiful & tells the world what a wonderful country we are.
Question – And do all the colours now play with each other?
Answer – Well, not really.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at this point in time, it does not seem like a good idea.
Question – Why?

Now this could be considered my version of The Never Ending Story?

Mark Anthony’s First Blog.

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been, starting your first Blog way back in Roman times?
Well, I believe this is what got him killed.
He was often seen, jotting down some notes on his tablet while sitting in the Forum. Of course they had tablets in those days & I would not be surprised if this is where Apple got it first idea from.
Of course it was a version 1.0 tablet. A simple wax tablet with a pointed metal stylus. No storage facility. No auto spell correction. If you made a mistake you used your thumb to ‘rub’ it out & started all over.
Then when Anthony got home he would laboriously transcribe his daily notes on to a scroll, the Roman Blog, written on a long strip of paper rolled around a stick.
Soon, other members of the Forum asked to look at his Blog & depending on what he had written, this content was well received.
Content appeared to be Emperor!
His followers grew from one or two to a few dozen, but Anthony soon realised that he needed to come up with a better method of distribution.
Building his audience began to be uppermost in his mind.
He began leaving little snippets of his next Blog lying around the Forum, enticing prospective followers with a call to action.
More Scribes were hired & soon had a functioning list from which he could sub divide & direct certain of his Blog entries to those particular followers.
But more was to come. Some of the merchants in the town heard about this Blog & asked Anthony to include carefully worded bits about their products. These merchants were prepared to pay handsomely for this privilege.
And before he knew it, Anthony had to give up his day job in the Forum & concentrate full-time on his wealth building Blog.

But sadly, among his many followers, there were a group of jealous members. They were a soulless bunch, with little or no creative or entrepreneurial spirit. Most of all, they envied the wealth he had created from his Blog.
They plotted his demise and as we all know, Anthony’s last recorded words were “Et Tu Brute?”


While the Silence Reverberates ?

Another wave of horrific terrorists led atrocities have struck in Europe.

And the world shudders in unison with its condemnations.
Our hearts weep for the victims. Will there be no end to this craven ideology?
I grew up in a country whose Apartheid ideology brought suffering to many.

The ANC led Freedom Fighters or were they terrorists too, started a campaign of activities that cost many lives.
The world united & brought an end to this & Freedom was found in the ballot box. Democracy stood firm & the majority began their rule.

Years have past & we look at the conditions in South Africa today, 2016. Atrocities have returned under a despotic led government ‘of the people’? Where ‘kill the whites’ is the lingua franca of the day.

Time for an independent inquiry?
Time for an independent inquiry?

This caption needs to be independently verified

Where are those same people who shouted in disgust during the Apartheid years?
While the Silence Reverberates ?