Self Hosted Blog with WordPress is pure Happiness.

Most times you will find me typing away on Scrivener, or adding another entry on this Blog. But the most rewarding times are the ones spent helping others set-up their own Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

The initial stages are perhaps the most exciting & frustrating times.
First you have an idea or reason why you want to Blog. You then proceed to choose a name for your Self Hosted Blog site. But low & behold, that Domain Name has already been taken – RATS!
Reminds you of when you were selecting an email account, only to discover there is another Harry NumbNuts?

Enjoy the selection process.

Next steps is finding a Hosting Company that will support you during this journey into your creative world. The one I choose has been good for me, but it is your money & your choice.
They will help you set-up your WordPress site & put ‘it’ on line.

Now is an important step. Selecting a ‘Theme’ for your WordPress Blog site & please make sure that the Theme chosen is a ‘Responsive’ theme! That is one that looks good (and works well) on all types of computer products, from Desktops to Laptops, to Tablets and Smartphones.

Now before you rush off & post you first blog page, you should do a bit of research on ‘Plug-Ins’. These are little essential add-ins to your site that will keep your blog site safe & smiling.
For example – UpDraft – which will take care of the ‘Backups’.
Most of them are free to install with premium versions should you want a bit more.

By now you will be frantic to publish your first Blog post? Well, go for it and while you are at it, have a look around that first entry page . Learn more about ‘Categories’ & Tags (on the right hand side?)

Have fun & enjoy your journey & if you experience a few hiccups along the way, drop me a line and I will try & get back to you ASAP.

Random thoughts of a writer.

A child’s ‘why’ question.

Question – Were all people in South Africa once not South Africans?
Answer – No, they were put in areas & called something else.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – When did it change?
Answer – When the rest of the world got cross with South Africa.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What changed?
Answer – Oh, a whole lot of things they called sanctions.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Question – What happened then?
Answer – We had elections & everyone became part of a Rainbow Nation.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, because a Rainbow is bright & colourful & beautiful & tells the world what a wonderful country we are.
Question – And do all the colours now play with each other?
Answer – Well, not really.
Question – Why?
Answer – Well, at this point in time, it does not seem like a good idea.
Question – Why?

Now this could be considered my version of The Never Ending Story?

Mark Anthony’s First Blog.

Can you imagine how difficult it would have been, starting your first Blog way back in Roman times?
Well, I believe this is what got him killed.
He was often seen, jotting down some notes on his tablet while sitting in the Forum. Of course they had tablets in those days & I would not be surprised if this is where Apple got it first idea from.
Of course it was a version 1.0 tablet. A simple wax tablet with a pointed metal stylus. No storage facility. No auto spell correction. If you made a mistake you used your thumb to ‘rub’ it out & started all over.
Then when Anthony got home he would laboriously transcribe his daily notes on to a scroll, the Roman Blog, written on a long strip of paper rolled around a stick.
Soon, other members of the Forum asked to look at his Blog & depending on what he had written, this content was well received.
Content appeared to be Emperor!
His followers grew from one or two to a few dozen, but Anthony soon realised that he needed to come up with a better method of distribution.
Building his audience began to be uppermost in his mind.
He began leaving little snippets of his next Blog lying around the Forum, enticing prospective followers with a call to action.
More Scribes were hired & soon had a functioning list from which he could sub divide & direct certain of his Blog entries to those particular followers.
But more was to come. Some of the merchants in the town heard about this Blog & asked Anthony to include carefully worded bits about their products. These merchants were prepared to pay handsomely for this privilege.
And before he knew it, Anthony had to give up his day job in the Forum & concentrate full-time on his wealth building Blog.

But sadly, among his many followers, there were a group of jealous members. They were a soulless bunch, with little or no creative or entrepreneurial spirit. Most of all, they envied the wealth he had created from his Blog.
They plotted his demise and as we all know, Anthony’s last recorded words were “Et Tu Brute?”


To Blog or not to Blog?

Since getting serious about my writing activities in 2015, the question of frequency raised its mystical head.

Darren Rowse is the founder & editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips has some interesting thoughts on this subject. Have a look here:  How many Blog posts.

I recently came to the wonderful conclusion that it is a big No No to spend to many hours on the Internet or playing those mind numbing games. OK, so Rocket Science is not my strong suit?
So, in came Time Management & out went Internet, Games, email subscriptions & certain non productive Social Media activities.
I still need to ‘edit’ my Blog site; those nasty people at site ratings were not impressed and so my new web-site will need some tweaking. I am led to believe that this will also improve my engagements with readers?

And finally, as a special treat, I will attend a selection of Webinars which, thanks to the different Time Zones, occur during my free time or non writing time.

Webinars – my next post.