Still very confusing?

In the run up to the EU referendum, we heard some interesting facts, figures & assumptions from both the Remain & the Brexit groups.
Both were sure of their case & assured doubters that hell & damnation would follow, if one voted one way or the other.
Both were adamant that, in their opinion, their ideas were for the future of the country & that of the children & even the children’s children.

Well, we all know the outcome (no pun intended) and here we are.
It appears the ‘oldies’ voted out while the young’uns voted in.
Post referendum comments appear to say the oldies are satisfied while the young’uns are totally P’d off!

Go figure?

The country as a whole are saying now let’s get on with it, while even those citizens that emigrated to other countries are saying it was the best thing to happen since sliced bread.
Locally some are saying let’s approach the changes in a slow thoughtful way. Perhaps they should have done that before voting?
Of course, Jean-Claude baby has thrown his lollipop out the window. At first he said there would be no further negotiations, but now says let’s get these exit negotiations over with as quickly as possible. He says this is going to be a ‘messy divorce’?

Go figure?

And finally (is there ever going to be some finality?), there is this Article 50 thing.
I don’t remember anyone mentioning it during the run up, but maybe I was not listening properly? Did you?
Oh, one more thing. Some are calling for another Bank Holiday & that it should be named Independence Day.
After some 16 odd years of being here, I still haven’t quite got the hang of the British sense of humour.

Euro2016 football and EU Referendum.

The two most watched & followed topics at the moment? Possibly.

Let’s look at the opinions on the football.
From a wide selection of family, friends & total strangers asked, the following three answers were the most common.
(1) England is going to win;
(2) England is going to loose;
(3) I think their shoes (boots?) are so colourful.

Now looking at the EU voting.
(1) UK is going to win;
(2) UK 
is going to loose;
(3) I think their mothers dress them funny.

Let it be noted, that there was a 3% undecided in both cases.
The reason why they were undecided?
” What is EU2016? I don’t follow sport”
“What is EU Referendum? I don’t follow politics”

OF course there are two guaranteed winners
The beverage industry & the pharmaceutical industry.
Win or loose, both parties will be hung over the next day
and the country will grind to a halt. No one will feel
like going to work.
More illegals will stream in to fill the jobs that the revellers
do not want to do.
And, if you had shares in the beverage & pharmaceutical industries, you will make a lot of money.

What ever revs your engine, don’t forget to vote.
There are still many countries that still don’t have that privilege?

In my previous life.

In my previous life, I was a hunter gatherer, with a flowing red cape, able to jump tall buildings in a single bound, Nothing was impossible for me, for I was the one.

A husband, father & friend, a great achiever and above all, the provider of wondrous things.

That seems like a life time ago, in some distant galaxy, the memories of which are disappearing into the mist of each passing year & with that passing comes a certain nostalgia, for when grasping at the past, the very fact of a longing to return, as if in a time machine, to a former time or place in one’s life, to one’s place of birth & to one’s family and friends, becomes a struggle.

However, there is a certain resilience in that struggle, for each day has now become a blessing, one to strive to participate in a positive manner & more often than not, with a playful look at what has become my new life.

One takes on new challenges like pretending to be a gardener & learning new skills, of being a writer now & not some fearsome warrior in the saddle of some noble steed, off to fight & slay the dragons of the world.
Now I have become more like a Don Quixote, tilting at the windmills of my mind.